For a bright and beautiful smile

Teeth bleaching without aggressive chemical substances

Dental Bleaching at Allure Cosmetics Vienna is a natural treatment that works without peroxide gel. The treatment is done in combination with cold light. It is a purely cosmetic procedure in which we whiten and optimize the tooth color individually to your needs. Without any side effects.

Our LED cold light finally activates and optimizes the bleaching process. Residues and discoloration caused by coffee, nicotine, red wine, tea and so on, are efficiently removed.

The dental bleaching treatment in our studio in Vienna is done with a cosmetic gel without the addition of peroxide. Although treatments with a high percentage of peroxide, as with dentists, last longer, this is far more aggressive and can damage both gums and tooth enamel. Repeated treatment is not recommended. The effect of a studio treatment is due to the gentle and enamel-friendly procedure less long-lasting, but not nearly as aggressive as a dental bleaching the dentist.

The natural preservation of your beauty is always a concern for us at Allure Cosmetics Vienna. That’s why we use a gentle, painless treatment for teeth whitening and all our other procedures.

How does the dental bleaching treatment work?

1. Analysis

We analyze the current shade of your teeth and together we define the desired whitening. We are happy to advise you on the optimal illumination duration.


2. Bleaching splint and gel

You sit down and give yourself the “do-it-yourself dental splint” with the gel in the mouth.


3. Relax

You put on the sunglasses and we turn on the special bleaching light for you. During the treatment, just sit back and relax.


4. Bright result

At the end we control the treatment result based on the color scale and look forward to your newfound smile!


Kosmetisches Zahnbleaching ohne Peroxid

Depending on your eating habits and dental hygiene, lightening is maintained for up to 12 months. Because of our very gentle and harmless gel, you can often repeat the teeth whitening or refresh.

Who should do it?

All persons with natural teeth. Doesn’t work on bridges and crowns.


Who shouldn’t do it?

Minors, as well as pregnant women or women during lactation.


What you should consider

For best results, your teeth should be without tartar. For tartar we advise you to have it removed before your visit to our studio by your dentist. The entire procedure is purely cosmetic, we touch neither your teeth or your mouth. This is only reserved for your dentist.

schonenendes zahnbleaching ohne peroxid

For a perfect result, we advise you not to eat, drink or smoke for 1 hour. Only water alone is allowed during this time.

Furthermore, we recommend the next 24 hours to abstain from extremely coloring food (coffee, red wine, curry, etc.)



Scientific studies

To convince yourself of the effectiveness of the application, you are welcome to read the following scientifically and medically conducted international study :


Dental Bleaching 1 pass (clean, gel and lamp 10 min) (1 to 2 shades lighter)
€ 29,90,- per treatment
Dental bleaching 2 passes (clean, gel and lamp 20 min) (3 to 4 shades lighter)
€ 49,90,- per treatment
Dental Bleaching 3 passes (clean, gel and lamp 10 min) (4 to 6 shades lighter)
€ 69,90,- per treatment
€ 59,-