Microneedling for hair loss

helps men and women

Receding hairline or circle round hair failure. Men and women alike suffer from dwindling or thinning of the main hair. Hair loss in almost all cases is accompanied first by a resting and then by the death of the hair root. This process can now be stopped.

Dry needling allows you to work with light and thinning areas in a targeted manner to stimulate the root and stimulate growth again. Studies show that in many cases growth can be reactivated in combination with caffeinated preparations.

Effect of Microneedling – simply stimulate hair growth

The micro needling for hair loss is originally from the medical field. Doctors noticed that all around scarred tissue suddenly new hair roots can arise. In a study of the University of Padua, this observation was then confirmed. Adding tiny injuries to the scalp with micro needling will have a positive effect on hair growth, compaction and hair thickness.

Today, not only dermatologists offer this method, but also cosmetic institutes provide lush hair growth. The needle-covered DERMA PEN slides over the scalp under moderate pressure. The needles are allowed to penetrate deeply into the scalp. They leave tens of tiny funnels within the top and middle layers of the skin.


Body self-healing is immediately forced. For this purpose, natural growth factors (hemostasis) activate the platelets. The micro-small ruptures are built up from inside with fibroblasts and collagen. Healthy stem cells form new skin structures – wound healing begins.

The result: Stimulation stimulates blood flow, cell growth and cell renewal. Existing roots are again supplied intensively. In addition, new hair follicles can arise. In the course of therapy, the strands condense and gain in thickness. Light spots close. All advantages at a glance:

  • Stagnation of failure
  • Stimulation of growth
  • Development of new roots
  • Reduction of light spots
  • Compaction of the strands
  • Decrease of receding hairlines
  • Increase in hair thickness
  • Accelerated hair growth
  • Decrease of circular failure
  • Avoiding a hair transplant
  • Better growth of transplanted hair

At what type of hair loss needling can help?

  • Effluvium (onset of hair loss)
  • Alopecia (baring of the scalp)
  • Hypotrichosis (thinning hair)
  • Androgenetic hair loss (age related)
  • Alopecia areata (Circular hair loss)
  • Telogen Effluvium (Diffuse Hair Loss)
  • Alopecia Seborrhoica (failure with excessive sebum production)

When does Microneedling work against hair loss?

The aforementioned study by the University of Padua came to the conclusion that one treatment per month is sufficient to achieve results. In this respect one should expect one treatment per week and carry out the therapy over two to three months. Then there are six days when wound healing can effectively take place. After a week begins a new cycle.Derma Pen: What needle length for more hair growth on the scalp?
Doctors and cosmetic studios use needles of around 1.5 mm in length to fight thinning hair. This is an excellent way of stimulating hair growth and positively influencing growth.

To convince yourself of the effectiveness of the application, you are welcome to read the following scientifically and medically conducted international study:



single treatment
€ 89,- per treatment
at block of 5
€ 79,- per treatment
at block of 10
€ 69,- per treatment