Nail modeling and manicure

nail design

Well-maintained nails are an expression of your personality and say a lot about you!
It is important to consider regular care as an important part of beauty care, as fingernails contribute a lot to the well-groomed appearance of men and women. Our services include cutting nails and cuticles, as well as filing fingernails.


Nice to the fingertips

To make your nails the eye-catcher of your hands, we offer you the best treatments from hand care to nail modeling. From the natural to the noble look, from the French manicure to nail art, there are a myriad of ways to make your nails a small work of art and so eye-catching!

Of course, part of beautiful hands are manicured nails. If your own nails break constantly, artificial nails or natural nail coatings are great alternatives. At our beauty salon we offer only gel and no acrylic.


Why gel nails and not acrylic?

Gel nails are a lot more flexible and softer than acrylic nails. Since acrylic is a toxic material and the dust should not be inhaled, we only use gel in our studio.

If you are unsure about the selection of suitable artificial nails, we are happy to advise you personally in our studio in the 19th district.
The new trend in painting: Shellac!
– lasts up to 4 weeks
– dries the same
– large color selection, over 50 colors!
– gloss

We offer:

Gel modeling
Natural nail coating with gel
Manicure – Hand Care
Nail Polish, Nail Art, Paint, Rhinestones, Patterns, Shellac


Price list nail design
Manicure / Pedicure Nail design
Manicure  20,- Gel nail modeling color gel from 55,-
Manicure + polish  33,- Gel nail modeling French from 60,-
Manicure + Shellac  39,- Refill color gel from 45,-
Manicure + Shellac French Design
 43,- Refill color gel from 28th day from 55,-
 Paraffin treatment, 20 min
20,- Refill French from 50,-
Men’s manicure  25,-   Refill French from 28th day
from 60,-
 from 40,- Natural nail coating color gel from 45,-
Pedicure + polish from 45,- Natural nail plating French from  50,-
Pedicure + Shellac from 49,- Manicure + SNS  39,-
Pedicure + Shellac French Design   from 55,- Manicure + SNS Fench Design  45,-
Men’s Pedicure
  from 45,-  Remove gel nails 20,-

All quoted prices are standard prices. In some cases, we have to charge a premium for a longer treatment period. We ask for your understanding that in case of cancellations under 24h or no-show for treatment, the costs will increase by 50% at the next treatment appointment. For more information, please contact our beautician in our studio 1190 Vienna.




For perfectly maintained feet and toenails
Our feet carry us through life. You therefore deserve our attention through an intensive and customized care program.

What exactly is a pedicure?

The pedicure refers to the cosmetic treatment of the feet and toenails. Not only on the legs is a smooth skin beneficial. Therefore, we take your feet and heels for a neat appearance.

Feet care … well tended to the tips of your toes:

Relaxing foot bath, optimal nail shortening (to avoid the in-growth of the toenails), treatment of ingrown toenails, nail fungus treatment and special nail fungus products, removal of the cornea, treatment of corns, expert advice and suitable care products