For a healthy and beautiful appearance!

We offer you a wide range of effective treatments and sustainable measures for a healthy and beautiful appearance!

Apparative treatments

Aqua Dermabrasion BehandlungAqua-dermabrasion

The thorough, but gentle and nourishing deep peeling, that will make you look younger in the future!

Ulthera HIFU FaceliftingUlthera HIFU facelift

The new way of fighting wrinkles without surgery. Skin-friendly and lasts up to 2 years.

Behandlung HIFU FaceliftingMicroneedling / Dermaroller

The effective treatment for wrinkles, scars and acne as well as sun-damaged skin, large pores and age spots.

Behandlung RadiofrequenzRadiofrequency

The RF procedure is a unique non-invasive and painless treatment for tissue tightening and skin rejuvenation.

Behandlung IPL FaceliftingIPL Facial – against Couperose & Scars

IPL is a method of naturally stimulating skin rejuvenation and collagen production with light pulses.

HautanalyseSkin analysis – professional computer with black light analysis

In a comprehensive skin analysis, we capture all the specifics of your skin for the optimal treatment.

Neck & double chin tightening

New method using a combination of radio frequency and AWT sound waves.

Face / neck slimming

Slimmer face / neck through painless facial treatment.

classic treatments

AusreinigungCleaning – against all skin blemishes

Ideal for removing contaminated pores from small blackheads, milia and other contaminants.

6 Stufen Gesichtspflege6-level care

Pure relaxation with our 6-step facial care for a radiant appearance.

Invasive Treatments

Info Beauty Evenings in a family atmosphere!

AusreinigungGolden Glow Pure LUXURY Including Aqua Dermabrasion

Ultra soft and highly efficient exfoliation with gentle water jet with simultaneous vacuum of modern Aqua dermabrasion.

Farmogal – feeling Time

Cosmetic treatments that, like scalpels, create a new profile on the skin, giving each face new youth.


AusreinigungMAN CARE treatment

Men’s skin needs special care products quite different than women’s.