No shaving or plucking anymore

Modern technologies make it possible


Permanent hair removal using the latest laser technology (SHR) puts an end to the annoying shaving, plucking and epilation. The SHR method can also  be used to treat lighter hair and darker skin.

SHR stands for Super Hair Removal and has the advantage over other laser and IPL treatments that the treatment is virtually painless. The applied “in-motion” method for permanent hair removal provides a pleasant cooling during the treatment and is thus much more pleasant than with conventional systems.

Even skin tanning or darker skin is no longer a problem and gives you the freedom to decide when to start permanent hair removal. Even such difficult cases as lighter or gray hair can be treated in almost every case.

In a period of 1-3 weeks after the treatment, the previously shaved hair that is still in the skin, repelled and fall out. A treated hair root is no longer able to produce new hair.

To ensure permanent hair removal, you should expect at least 6-8 sessions at intervals of 4-8 weeks. The repetition of the treatment is necessary because only 15-25% of the hair in the body grow. Only the hair that is growing (Anagen phase), are optimally treatable. The remaining follicles are at rest (do not produce hair) and are usually not successfully removed with the SHR technology.

Dauerhafte Haarentfernung mit Laser Technologie

How does permanent hair removal using SHR technology work?

At the beginning of the treatment, a gel is applied to the area to be treated and applied with the SHR applicator 6-10 times with low energy, but high repetition rate (“in-motion”). The frequent repetition achieves a skin-friendly temperature of 45 ° Celsius and consequently causes a desolation of the nutrient cells due to the thermal reaction.

After the treatment, the previously shaved hair is still in the skin, but fall off depending on the body region within 5-21 days by itself.



Which areas are treatable with the SHR for permanent hair removal?

All surface areas of the body can be optimally treated by SHR.

Haarentfernung mit Lasertechnik


What do you feel during treatment for permanent hair removal?

Unlike conventional IPL and laser devices, the treatment is virtually painless.

Only those hairs that are currently in the growth phase (Anagen phase) can be permanently removed. The reason is that only these hair have a connection to the hair papilla, the area that is destroyed in the treatment by denaturation, and thus prevent a regrowth of hair.

All other hair or hair follicles are at rest and can be permanently removed only at a later treatment. Therefore, it is also difficult to predict in advance an exact number of necessary treatments because each person has different treatment requirements.

Please note that no reputable supplier can guarantee you the success of permanent hair removal treatment. The success of treatment for permanent hair removal depends on several parameters: pigmentation of the skin, thickness and color of the hair, depth of the hair root, number of hairs in the growth phase, genetically or hormonally induced changes in hair growth. Even with optimal conditions (fair skin and dark, thick hair), more than 8 treatments may be necessary or, in very rare individual cases, success may even be absent. If the conditions for successful permanent hair removal are obviously not met (for example, too light hair or too dark skin), we will discuss this in a consultation with you.



How long does a treatment for permanent hair removal take?

The duration of treatment depends on the size of the area. The duration of treatment varies from 15 minutes for smaller areas of skin to about 1 hour for both legs.


Are there any side effects with permanent hair removal?

Some parts of the body are more sensitive than others and can cause redness of the skin. This redness usually disappears after a few hours. All things that need to be considered in the context of permanent hair removal, are explained on the spot in the consultation.


What should be considered before and after treatment for permanent hair removal?

The skin area to be treated should be shaved one day before the treatment for permanent hair removal. For several weeks before and after treatment you should refrain from intensive UV radiation (sunbathing or solarium). Hair should not be plucked or waxed for at least 3 weeks before treatment. The hair must be shaved one day before the treatment.